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  • The Plug III is the latest evolution of our fully integrated power supply for your bike. The integrated rechargeable battery makes sure you can also charge your device under difficult charging conditions.

    The Plug III is beautiful in its simplicity, with complete integration of the electronics into the top cap. The internals are fully encapsulated in a polymer and contained in a housing made entirely of aluminum resulting in the best possible protection from humidity and external impacts.
    PAT II Technology
    Better efficiency, from 12 km/h full USB spec power is available which allows you to operate many devices with an integrated battery directly from the Plug III. The PAT II technology does not change the appearance of the Plug III as it is hidden within the head tube.
    Ease of use
    The use of the Plug III is absolutely simple and requires no technical knowledge. The aheadset expander has an integrated cable channel and makes installation is simple. This design allows retrofitting many bikes.
    Note: For Android and high-drain devices we recommed the Power Kit. With the combination of the Plug III and Smart Power Pack II you can operate and charge power intensive devices and Android phones.
    - Diameter: 3,6 cm
    - Height: 2,5 cm
    - Output: USB 5V controlled
    - Imput: dynamo hub with 6V / 3W
    - Connector: USB type-A

    - Weight: 100 g

    - Compact design: The electronics are completely integrated into the TopCap making for easy assembly

    - iPhone® support built-in. Plug in and go ride! No special cables required

    - Easy installation - Connect the Plug cable with the USB-Top cap and the dynamo hub – it is that simple!

    - Use in combination with the Smart Power Pack II for efficient charging of high-drain devices
    - Includes water/dust cap

  • Manufacturers CINQ
    Supplier CINQ
    Speciality All types

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