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Blinder E is for E-Bike

The Blinder E 2300 front e-bike light is a game-charger in the realm of E-bike illumination. Designed to deliver uncompromising performance and reliability, this sleek and powerful light ensures you stay visible and safe on the road. Navigate through various lighting conditions with ease thanks to the precisely engineered lens optics and high-quality led´s. With the Blinder E 2300´s integrated button operation, accessing your lights modes is intuitive and effortless, delivering an impressive maximum output of 2300 lumens whilst the IP67 waterproof rating guarantees visibility in any weather condition.

- Light type: Front
- Light source: 12 X LEDs (Samsung LH181B)
- Color temperature: 5500K
- Power source: DC
- Voltage output: 12V (5-14V) DC AC / 19W
- Beam pattern: Focus / Flood
- Beam angle: 23°
- Lens optics: Polycarbonate (3 x Spot / 3 Wide beam)
- Max lumen output: 2300 lumens
- Status indication: Yes
- Weight: +- 250g (Incl. Handlebar Mount)
- Dimensions (L x W x H): 44 mm x 67 mm x 35 mm
- Ip protection rating: IP67 Ingress Rating
- Chassis: Machined 6061 Aluminium
- Mount: Machined 6061 Aluminium
- Fits aero handlebars: No
- Fits round handelbars: Yes, 31.8 mm - 35 mm diameter
- Handlebar shims: Silicone Rubber
- Operation: Integrated Button
- Operating temp: -20 to 50°C / -4 to 122°F
- Cable & connectors: 150 mm Fly Lead
                                      1200 mm E-Bike Extension Cable
- Compatibility: E-Bike & Knog Blinder Battery Pack
- Compatible E-motors & Connections: Bosch, Brose, Shimano Steps, Yamaha

- Light modes:  High: 2300 Lm        

                           Pulse: 900 Lm        

                           Med: 1000 Lm 
                           Strobe: 900 Lm
                           Low: 350 Lm
                           Eco: 650 Lm       

(See manufacturer compatibility for mode selection)

The light heads can also work with the Blinder external battery, but E is the light head only. Blinder X is for Blinder light heads with an external battery in the kit.

E-bike motor compatibility
Compatible with E-Motors from all major brands including Bosh, Brass, Shimano Steps and Yamaha.

Rock-solid mounting
The vibration-resistant, CNC machined aluminium handlebar mounting is perfectly constructed with an anodised hard coat to ensure a smooth ride no matter the weather.                              

Intelligent silicone button
Led illuminated silicone button that indicates a flashing charge status and real time battery level (red, orange, green) indicator whilst the light is in use. The button also features a single click battery level check when the light is turned off.

Intuitive integrated button design
Easily navigate through various lighting modes with the streamlined integrated button design.


100% waterproof
With an IP67 rating, the Blinder 2300 can be submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes and still come out shining.

Advanced thermal management
Exceptionally designed thermal regulation for increased energy efficiency, safety and enhanced performance.


Gold plated Dc connector
Knog's proprietary gold plated DC Connector guarantee a robust cable setup with advanced conductivity.


Striking functional design
The new Blinder E 2300´s manufacture is a first for Knog as it is a CNC machined single piece 6061 aluminium housing. Constructing the light using this method makes for an unbelievably strong product that is bot lightweight and impervious to corrosion.

Functional design element includes:
- CNC machined chassis cooling fins
which her regulate the heat generated by the powerful light.

- Adjustable mounting position
Rotational adjustment on both the mount around the bar, and the light head on the mount offers the user countless combinations of angles to find the perfect beam position.

- Anti-vibration mounting
The solid yet lightweight CNC machined mount secures the light to the bar with assured stability. The mount coupled with the custom designed silicones shims provide total rigidity to the light and mount assembly:

Uni-bodied CNC construction
The new Blinder E 2300´s manufacture is a CNC machined single piece 6061 aluminium housing.

Using this light construction makes for a reliable and robust product that is also lightweight and impervious to corrosion.

A final level of protections is achieved by anodising the aluminium body resulting in an unparalleled durable finish that reinforces its natural ability to withstand the elements and that cannot flake, peel os blister.

Additional side visibility
An added safety feature on the Blinder E 2300 is a side illumination window. This allows light to be visible perpendicular to the direction of travel, greatly improving visibility and rider safety.

High-powered focused beam
The Blinder E 2300´s powerfully bright output lives up to the Blinder family name. Engineered to have an impressive all-rounder beam, the 2300 lumen output offer a clear, bright light to navigate your path.

About Knog
Knog is an award winning, world renowned cycling & outdoor accessories brand founded in 2002 by friends Hugo Davidson & Mal McKechnie.

Hugo & Mal, product designer and mechanical engineer, now lead a Melbourne (Australia) based team of over 20 designers, engineers, marketers, logistics and finance folk.

Since 2002, Knog have consistently designed products that defy convention and whose aesthetics and usability are considered as highly as their functionality.

And despite the fact we make products that you can use on a 2-week bike packing trip, we also know that for many people they simply use them to safely get around, and that’s okay too. How you use our products is entirely up to you.

In 2008 we introduced the world’s first silicone bike light the Frog. With global sales of 7 million & counting, we knew we had made a product that truly spoke to cyclists around the world.

In 2016 we designed another product that completely challenged people’s conceptions of a bike bell when we reinvented a 4000-year-old bell design to introduce the low profile and wrap-around Oi bike bell (Oi, rhymes with 'joy'). With 3.5 million global sales we had once again successfully reimagined, improved, and made an often-forgotten product highly desirable in the process.

2019 saw Knog start to design products for those wishing to explore the great outdoors on foot too. Our first product the Bandicoot was the world’s first full-body silicone headlamp and has gone on to inform our comprehensive and unique collection of headlamps.

And in 2022, Knog introduced the Scout Bike Alarm & Finder. A game-changer in bike security that pairs Apple Find My technology and a motion-sensitive 85dB alarm.

At Knog we’re committed to the continual improvement of our designs and introduce ever more innovation. But perhaps more than anything, we want people to love using our products to live their best lives, whatever that may be.

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