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The Core material revolution meets mountain bike demands. The award-winning Ergonomic Core made from BASF Infinergy® and TwinShell design delivers the ultimate riding experience of supreme comfort with athletic responsiveness.

The mountain bike saddle that conquers setting discomfort. The Ergonomic Core and Twinshell design crates a floating. 3D dynamic motion with damping for ultimate comfort –no matter the distance.

The core revolution –now for mountain bikers: the award-winning Ergonomic Core made from BASF Unfinergy and TwinShell design delivers the ultimate riding experience- supreme confort with athletic responsiveness.

The floating, 3D dynamic motion and reactive damping insolates the rider by absorbing all bumbs and shocks before they reach your lower back. It even won the German seal of quality “Campaign for healtier backs”. The patented Core design allows the saddle to effortlessly follow pelvic moments –enormously reduciong pressure of the sit bones and genital área,. Anatomically tailored for women and men and available in two sizes, the new SMC Core introduces Core confort to the trails.

Technical specifications
Name: SMC Core Men
Use: MTB-Touring
Size: S/M - M/L (148 x 277 mm - 161 x 277 mm)
Shell: Nylon Composite
Core: BASF Infinergy ® (E-TPU / Closed Cell Particle Foam)
Rail: CroMo
Cover: Microfiber
Padding: Orthopedic comfort Foam
Weight: +- 290 g
Gender: Men specific

The floating ergonomic saddle core
When you pedal, your weight is shifted alternately to the left and right sit bones, placing added stresses to one side and then the other. This pressure is noticeably reduced by the Ergon Core material with its incredible rebound properties. As you pedal, the saddle rebounds to not only the weight shifting of your pelvis, but also vibrations from the surfaces beneath your tires. This creates a floating feeling with each pedal stroke resulting in maximum confort.

Ergonomic Core
The Ergonomic Core made from BASF Infinergy@ and TwinShell design delivers a completely new riding experience that can be felt with every pedal stroke and on any terrain.

3D dynamic motion
The Ergonomic Core decouples the action of the TwinShell design, allowing 3D dynamic motion with reactive damping to insolate the rider from shocks and vibrations. 3D dynamic motion effortlessly follows pelvic movement.
Anatomically specific relief for women and men

The SMC Core is available with gender-specific relief zones to accomodate the unique anatomical differences between men and women cyclist.

Innovative material-infinergy ®
Cycling as if on clouds: The innovative material Infinergy® by BASF is a new benchmark in suspension and damping in the field of cycling. The elastic seat core supports the pelvic motion when pedaling, absorbs shock and offers relief for your back. When pressure compresses the saddle’s core, consisting of thousands of foam spheres, it will immediately rebound into its original shape – even after a prolonged period of compression. All over the globe leading running shoe manufacturers are also using this E-TPU-foam with great success.


The advantages of the double Shell
The revolutionary Ergon double-shell technology takes comfort to a whole new level. With the conventional saddle there is only one seat shell on the frame. This standard shell supports all of the rider’s weight and must therefore be very stiff. The Ergon SMC Core Men utilizes two shells. The lower shell, supporting the rider’s weight is very stiff and the upper shell, which is a base of the padding material is very flexible. In between is the floating ergonomic core made of Infinergy®. This design isolates road shock, dampens vibrations, supports pelvic movements while pedaling and noticeably takes pressure off the sit bones.
The Twin Shell and inner core damper
Support that follows your pedal strokeThe view from below on the SMC Core shows how the high-performance elastomer damper decouples the two saddle shells from each other. This sandwich construction with its elastic core allows the saddle to follow the natural movements of the pedal stroke. This provides support in all directions from the vibrations of the riding surface to the rider’s pedal stroke.
Orthopedic foam
Comfortable and durable. The padding of the SMC Core is made of orthopedic comfort foam. The foam is supportive, soft, but does not collapse. In addition to the foam, specific gel pad inlays offer even more comfort under the sitting area. With this saddle, it is not absolutely necessary to wear cycling shorts. The saddle is covered with robust microfiber to prevent abrasions and maintain the durability of the saddle.

Minimizing Saddle Discomfort
When cycling, most of your body weight rests on the small saddle surface. If the weight is not shifted evenly to the bony structures, unnecessary pressures are then distributed to sensitive soft tissue areas. A relief channel helps, but is not the only important factor.

For an ergonomic distribution of pressure, the correlations between the sit bone distance and sitting angle must be taken into account. An ergonomic bicycle saddle should have sufficient contact surface, but still allow the thighs to move freely. Furthermore, cycling is not static. Uphill, the rider intuitively slides towards the saddle nose to shift the body’s center of gravity forwards. The opposite occurs when cycling downhill.

Ergon takes all these factors into account when developing all of their saddles. Two widths are available in every saddle model to better adapt to all rider’s comfort needs.
Men’s Health
The Ergon development team carried out intensive research on the topic of men’s health. They found that the main cause of complaints when cycling is the saddle. Often times, men experience too much pressure on their perineal area leading to pain, discomfort, numbness and the potential for more severe health problems. The SM E-Mountain Pro Men saddle relieves this pressure with a very specific relief channel as well as better surface area distribution under the bony structures. Through MRI, CT analysis as well as many prototypes and test riders, we have ergonomically adjusted the saddle to the specific anatomy and needs of men.
More freedom of movement
Compared to women, the male pelvis tends to be less flexible. This means that men sit more upright on the saddle and put more of their weight distribution on their sit bones. Therefore the transition area between the rear of the saddle and the saddle nose can be kept narrow (Y-shape). This gives the legs more space to pedal.

Male and Female pelvic differences
In contrast to the female anatomy, the male sit bones are more narrow and where the two sides of the pelvis come together in the front is much higher. This results in more pressure being distributed on the male’s sit bones vs. a broader area of sit bones and pubic bones in women. We have taken this significant difference between male and female anatomy into consideration during saddle development.
Tested back-friendly
Back pain is the most commonly occurring orthopedic condition, especially when cycling. When you have back pain on the bike, your ride enjoyment quickly dissipates. In extensive tests led by medical professionals, the Core saddle principle has been officially confirmed to reduce back pain.


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Saddle width
148 mm
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