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  • Perfectly adaptable to your ride

    What does every downhill rider look for? The answer is simple: the perfect suspension. Unfortunately, however, that doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as a perfect trail. Trails vary from place to place and from run to run.

    Instead of finding a setup that works quite well in most situations, instead the aim should be to find the most easily and quickly adaptable suspension for any situation. This was our goal when we decided to design our first downhill fork.

    Nero R features a sealed damper with adjusters for high and low speed compression, as well as rebound speed. On the air side, Nero R is equipped with the 3Air system, made up of three air chambers working simultaneously (positive, negative and end-stroke progressivity).

    The 3Air is the technological heart of the Nero R. The fork features a three air chamber system: Gold (end-stroke progressivity), Silver (positive) and Bronze (negative). The use of this technology allows full customisation of the spring curve. The big advantage is not only to be able to shape the fork’s performance the finest amount, but also to do it quickly and easily. Thanks to the 3Air system, you will be able to accurately adjust your fork without taking it of the bike, without using tools, without having to use internal air volume spacers; all you will need is a shock pump.

    Hexagon Design
    The ability of a fork to resist flexing is a key factor for maximum riding precision. A fork that rebounds too fast may make riding unsafe with an overall lack of control, above all when braking and cornering. In the same way, it is important that the fork is not too stiff, because it may make riding too tiring. When designing the Nero we had a fundamental aim in mind, finding the perfect balance point between stiffness and flex, this is the same as our standard forks. Thanks to the Hexagon Design, the natural flex of the fork has been dramatically decreased with this lightweight method. In this way, we have managed to combine the advantages of the standard boost with the stiffness of a traditional fork.

    Neopos is a technology that represents the next evolutionary step in air suspension, a cutting-edge innovation that will change your riding experience for the better. Neopos stands for “new positive”, a technology that improves the behavior of the fork’s positive air chamber. Using the Neopos the result will be a more constant, predictable and comfortable air suspension. Meaning, more like that of a coil spring suspension comfort.

    IFT (Internal Floating System)
    The IFT (Internal Floating Technology) is what truly differentiates our forks from any other fork. Smoothness is very important in terms of suspension performance. After many tests on stanchion coatings, we now know that they have a minimal effect on reducing friction. With the IFT we wanted to approach this aspect from a very different point of view. All forks, regardless of their stiffness, experience some kind of lateral stress while riding. This type of stress increases the friction of the internal parts. Thanks to Formula’s design, our hydraulic cartridge is structurally merged with the stanchions and lower legs. In a riding situation, our internals compensate for the external stresses placed on the fork. This causes an incredible reduction of friction.

    Firm (Locking System)
    Downhill forks are constantly exposed to an extraordinary amount of stress, especially in the thru-axle area: Nero fork is fitted with a new locking system called Firm. When designing it, the aim was to make wheel changes quick and easy, getting rid of multiple screws on the lowers, and at the same time offering the maximum stiffness. The Firm system centres on a 20mm thru-axle that is secured by a ‘counter-knob’ that is tightened after the axle is installed and prevents the axle from unscrewing, providing maximum security and minimum weight.

    Standard: 200 mm
    Optional: 180 mm and 190 mm

    Axle to Crown (Standard): 593 mm +/- 5 mm at 200 mm of travel
    Fork Offset (Rake): 50 mm or 56 mm
    Max Rotor Size: 203 mm

    Size: 1 1/8” Straight or Tapered 1.5” (optional)
    Color: Black Anodized

    Color: Metal Black
    Material: Hollow Forged Aluminum

    Dropout: 20 QR Boost
    Axle: Firm Locking System
    Color: Black (matt) or Ultraviolet (matt)

    Diameter (Ø): 35 mm
    Material: 7075 Aluminum
    Finish: Hard Anodized Black

    Rebound: 21 Click Adjustment
    Compression (low speed): 12 Click Adjustment
    Compression (hight speed): 20 Click Adjustment
    Spring Type: 3Air System
    Spring Adjustments: Main (Silver), Progressivity (Gold), Sensitivity (Bronze)
    Neopos: Included

    Other features
    Damping: Drop-In Cartridge with Internal Floating Technology
    Spring type: 3Air system

    Standard: 2620 g

  • Manufacturers FORMULA
    Supplier FORMULA
    Speciality Downhill


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