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  • The latest innovative entry level boot for off road.

    Compared to the traditional GX-1, it is equipped with a modern G-light welt sole. A completely new welt sole for a lighter and more integrated motocross boot.
The GX-1 EVO boots features the completely new G-Light welt sole, it has the same characteristics of a hard-wearing goodyear boot, with a completely new style.

    The sole features high performing rubber for a better grip, it is ultra-thin and flexible for the brake and shifter’s sensibility; lighter and with a special design for an optimal feel with the motorbike. It is easily replaceable.

    GX1 incorporates technology and styling that features protection and performance, providing an immediate step in comfort. High Quality Material and Made in Italy.


The structural support consists of two lugs that slide inside designed pockets, avoiding front and rear overextension while providing flex forwards and backwards, it is anti-torsion.


    On the upper side stamped suede for increased grip and heat resistance.


    Closure system consists of 4 light alloy replaceable buckles for an easy, fast and precise closure. By removing the first two buckles on the top it is possible to make the opening wider to accommodate a bigger leg or knee-brace.


  • Manufacturers GAERNE
    Supplier GAERNE
    Speciality MX