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Introducing the ultimate road riders light set—the; PWR Road 700, PWR Mount and Mid Cobber Rear.

Putting out an impressive 700 lumens, the PWR Road is a part of Knog’s modular bike light range, meaning you can swap light heads, batteries, and use the PWR Bank to charge any device.

The Mid Cobber Rear is ‘the worlds safest bicycle light,’ as it projects light in a 330 degree arc, ensuring visibility from all sides. Coming in at 170 lumens, the 100% waterproof Cobber bike light uses an integrated USB charging arm, and a magnetic bracket with replaceable straps designed to accommodate all tube sizes and shapes.

This light set is the highest powered road duo in our catalogue, and is perfect for the road cyclist looking to see and be seen further than the rest of the pack.

PWR Road 700

Lumens: 700
Modes                                  Lumens                                            Runtime

Max                                             700                                                    1.7

Mid                                              360                                                    3.4

Stamina                                        70                                                     20

Pulse                                           650                                                      7

Strobe                                         275                                                    10

Eco-Flash                                      70                                                  165

Mid Cobber Rear
Modes Lumens Runtime
Max                            75 2

Mid                             35 3.5

Steady Pulse             170 2.5

Flash                         170 6.5

Rolling Flash                70 4.5

Side Flash                  100 2

Disco Flash                  80 4.5

Eco-Flash                      15 100

About PWR Road 700
PWR Road is a modular bike light. But it’s not JUST another bike light. Not only is it a high powered bike light, but simply take the product apart and you have much more. A lighthead and a PWR Bank to charge devices that is also the battery for all products in the PWR range.

Battery indicator

Hate it when you run out of battery with no warning? That’ll never happen with PWR Road, with 4 built in battery indicator lights. Tap the bottom of the light to activate the battery indicator. 4 lights = fully charged, 2 lights = half charged etc

Easy to mount and use
This light can be mounted on top or below your handlebars, directly under your Garmin, or on your helmet. It comes with a side mount and shim that fits handlebars 22.2-38.1mm diameter. Once mounted, using PWR Road is a breeze. It’s a simple twist-head operation to turn light on & off and to scroll through light modes

Charge your devices
Press the red button to release the light head, and use the PWR bank to charge your phone, GoPro, cycle computer or other device. Charge your PWR Road using the included micro USB cable

Wide beam & Customisable modes
PWR Road outputs a max 700 lumens, and can run for up to 195 hours on Eco Flash Mode. Its elliptical beam gives broader, bright road coverage. It comes with 6 pre-program d modes, and you can program the light to suit your needs with Modemaker. You can control brightness, adjust runtimes and add new light modes.


Lenght: 128 mm
: 31 mm
Weight: 125 grams

About Mid Cobber
Mid Cobber produces an incredible 330º of light, so you'll be clearly seen from all angles. In an increasingly busy world, this bike light is brilliantly effective at attracting attention and helping keep you safe on the road. Packing 170 lumens this Mid Cobber is seriously bright.

The Cobber has integrated USB recharging, is 100% waterproof and you can programme the settings using Modemaker.

330º side visibility
the clever 330 degree beam angle that means even traffic in side roads can see the light

Chip on board (COB) led

Programmable modes
You choose the light mode that suits you

For day and night
The  truth  is  that  daytime  bike  light    use    greatly    improves    rider’s safety. A Danish study’s* findings  showed  that  through  daytime  bike  light  use  cyclists  reduced their chances of being involved in an accident by 19%.

Integrated USB rechargeable
You’ll never need to buy a battery again

100% waterproof
Come rain or shine, these lights just keep on working

Fits standard and aero (3 straps included)
Silicone straps allow you to fit our lights on bars or posts, on any bike

Peak lumens: 170
75 lumen-max steady: 2 hours Runtime
170 lumen-flash: 6.5 hours Runtime
15 lumen-eco flash: 100 hours Runtime

Weight: 40 grams

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