WTB CZR I23 700c TCS 2.0 RIM (24 HOLES)

700c RIM

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Our flagship CZR i23 carbon rims minimize rotational weight so you can break away early and stay ahead of the pack. Fine-tuned carbon compliance makes you feel at one with the terrain while also reducing rider fatigue throughout long rides. Reinforced spoke holes increase reliability and allow grams to be shaved elsewhere, while subdued decals provide a svelte look that matches their scant weight. CZR i23 is the gravel rim of choice if you're looking for the best strength-to-weight ratio for big gravel days.

- Reinforced spoke beds, proven 4D angled spoke hole drilling and an asymmetrical design…all the necessary ingredients of an incredibly durable rim.
- Two internal width options… 23 mm for the gravel-centric and 30 mm for the mountain-focused.
- When compared to the competition, lab tests proved our CZR carbon rims to be lighter overall, more impact resistant, and laterally stiffer while remaining vertically compliant. To be precise, our CZR i23 rims were 38% more impact resistant than their direct competition while our CZR i30 rims were 10% more impact resistant.

Usage:  Adventure Road / Gravel / Cross-Country
Wheel size: 700/29"

Inner width: 23 mm

Weight:  +- 331 g

Spokes holes/Offset: 24 / 3 mm

Tubeless tape width: 28 mm
Rim size Designation: 23-622

TCS 2.0

TCS 2.0 introduces a more robust, easily installed, and dependable tubeless system. A recessed channel along the center of TCS 2.0 rims allows installation of the all-new Solid Strip, which prevents tubeless tape from sagging at the spoke holes and results in a smooth, consistent interface between the tire and rim. Installation of the stout Solid Strip allows for more pliable, and easy to install, TCS Tape to provide the airtight seal needed for a tubeless system.

Disc Only
Disc Only rims benefit from lighter weights because they do not require the amount of material traditional rims require for the braking surface. Do not use Disc Only rims with rim brake systems, such as cantilever or v-brake.

4D drilling
The spoke holes are drilled at precise departure angle to align the spoke head and nipple with the hub flange, eliminating binding and lateral loading while also dispersing the load more evenly over a greater area. This prolongs the wheel’s lifespan and increases stability. 


The I-Beam adds strength to the inner rim cavity. This distinctive support counteracts spoke loads and provides lateral rigidity.

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