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The pro-carbon model of the Ergon SR Allroad Core—with super-light carbon saddle frame and carbon composite seat shell—that gives you extreme comfort without sacrificing dynamic cycling fun. Perfectly adapted for today’s modern road cycling, Ergon has crafted a saddle able to take on asphalt as easily as a hard-packed dirt road. The innovative saddle construction of the CORE HD technology with its ergonomic core offers a completely new riding experience: road shock and vibrations are fully damped, numbness in the perineal area is alleviated, and seat pressure is significantly reduced – allowing you to be fully in sync with your bike, whatever your chosen path.

Technical Specifications
Name: SR Allroad Core Pro Carbon Men
Use: Allroad/Gravel/Cyclocross, Road
Size: S/M - M/L
Color: Stealth
Technology: CORE HD®
Core: BASF Infinergy® (E-TPU / Closed Cell Particle Foam)
Shell: Carbon Composite
Rail: Carbon
Cover: Microfiber
Side Flanks: yes
Padding: Orthopedic Comfort Foam
Gender: men specific
Max. load: 100 kg

The ergonomic saddle core
The Ergon CORE HD® construction (with its innovative BASF Infinergy® material) absorbs road shocks and significantly reduces seat pressure. The ergonomic core between the saddle shell and seat foam provides a sporty and firm, yet still comfortable, road bike feel.

Material-innovative infinergy®
A smooth ride. Comfort and responsiveness like never before: The unique Ergonomic Core with 2D reactive damping delivers a silky ride on smooth and rough roads alike.


Innovative Ergonomic Core for mixed terrain
Perfect shape. This unique saddle construction for road bikes offers a completely new riding sensation: one that’s sensationally comfortable yet sporty even off the road.

Absorbs shocks and vibrations
Full damper. The ergonomic core effectively filters out vibrations and bumps in the ground even while riding on the entire seat surface.

Orthopaedic Aircell-foam
Comfortable and durable. The padding of the SR Allroad Core Men is made of orthopedic AirCell foam. It is especially ergonomic for road cycling but remains extremely durable. The pressure of the bony structures is distributed much better by increasing the rebound force which aids in dissipating vibrations.


Carbon Composite Seating shell
Lightweight performance. The shell of the SR Allroad Core Pro and SR Allroad Core Pro Carbon is made of carbon composite. This gives the saddle a firmer, more responsive feel with high durability while saving about 10 grams of weight.

Carbon Rails
Super light – super fast. The SR Allroad Pro Carbon offers an even lighter option to the Core road offerings. The rails of the SR Allroad Core Pro Carbon is composed of carbon fiber and lowers the overall weight of the saddle even further. Oval clamping dimension are 7 × 9 mm, please note compatibility with seat post.

Minimizing saddle discomfort
When cycling, most of your body weight rests on the small saddle surface. If the weight is not shifted evenly to the bony structures, unnecessary pressures are then distributed to sensitive soft tissue areas. A relief channel helps, but is not the only important factor.

For an ergonomic distribution of pressure, the correlations between the sit bone distance and sitting angle must be taken into account. An ergonomic bicycle saddle should have sufficient contact surface, but still allow the thighs to move freely. Furthermore, cycling is not static. Uphill, the rider intuitively slides towards the saddle nose to shift the body’s center of gravity forwards. The opposite occurs when cycling downhill.

Ergon takes these factors into account when developing all of their saddles. There are specific models for specific disciplines, and accommodate for both recreational and professional riders. Two widths are available in every saddle model to further reach every rider’s comfort needs.


Men’s health
The Ergon development team carried out intensive research on the topic of men’s health. They found that the main cause of complaints when cycling is the saddle. Often times, men experience too much pressure on their perineal area leading to pain, discomfort, numbness and potentially more severe health problems down the road. The SR Allroad Core Men relieves this pressure with a very specific relief channel as well as better surface area distribution under the bony structures. Through MRI, CT analysis, many prototypes and test riders, we have also ergonomically tailored our road bike saddles precisely to men’s anatomy and needs.


More freedom of movement
Compared to women, the male pelvis tends to be less flexible. This means that men sit more upright on the saddle and put more of their weight distribution on their sit bones. Therefore the transition area between the rear of the saddle and the saddle nose can be kept narrow (Y-shape). This gives the legs more space to pedal.

Male and Female pelvic differences
In contrast to the female anatomy, the male sit bones are more narrow and where the two sides of the pelvis come together in the front is much higher. This results in more pressure being distributed on the male’s sit bones vs. a broader area of sit bones and pubic bones in women. We have taken this significant difference between male and female anatomy into consideration during saddle development.

The right size
The shape and size of the saddle must match the sit bone width of the rider to maximize comfort and enjoyment. The pelvic bone has a unique V-shaped and the saddle must offer the sit bones a large contact surface with the ability to meet the demand of different sitting positions. Various saddle widths are offered so that the usable seat surface corresponds to the riders unique sit bone distance. The more forward and aggressive the rider sits, the further forward the sit bones contact the saddle.




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Saddle width
139 mm
152 mm
Saddle length
262 mm

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