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Developed with vision enhancing engineering to suit the needs of world class athletes, the Aeroshade Kunken Sport Performance Sunglasses with a cylindrical shield lens improve your vision and performance. Your most versatile pair of quality sport performance sunglasses with a custom fit for total comfort and protection.

The Kunken features our fully customisable Flexfit™ nose pad, that allow athletes to adjust the fit based on individual face size and fit preference.

Unique Monogram lens aesthetic
A unique lens option featuring an exterior Scicon Monogram logo pattern, takes the combination of sports and fashion to the next level.

Fully customisable Flexifit™ nose pad
Comes with an all new, fully customisable FlexIfit™ nose pad, adjustable depending on fit preference and individual facial structure, one nose piece that does it all.

Extended Air dispersion gaps
The 5 gaps on each side allow ventilation for consistent fresh air behind the lens to prevent fog build up.

Race tested and proven
Undisputed Superstar Tadej Pogačar was first seen sporting the new Aeroshade Kunken to victory at Il Lombardia, adding to his Tour de France titles.

- Quality Made In Italy
- Designed for intensive use in outdoor sports
- Cylindrical base-6 shield lens
- Interchangeable Lens System 
- Large Field of Vision
- Impact resistant lenses
- Best in class protection
- Power Ergo Design Fit™
- Flexifit Nose pad
- Flexible and adjustable temple arms
- Total ergonomic adaptability
- Clip Switch™ System 
- High level of customisation options
- Panorama Arch™ technology
- Horizon Adapt™ mechanism (height adjustable nose pad)
- Various frame & lens color options

- Lens color: Multimirror Blue
- Light transmission: 18%
- Filter category: 3
- Light conditions: Bright Light
- Contrast: Increased

What's in the box

1 Aeroshade Kunken Sunglass
1 Spare clear lens
1 Multiuse Eyewear Soft Case
1 Microfibre Pouch

Power Ergo Design

Power Ergo Design ensures that our frames can be adjusted to fit your individual face shape and wearing preference for optimal performance. Flexi-Fit™ temples and adjustable double click nose pads feature in our performance range. Perfect alignment, secure fit and eliminating discomfort of frames with unbalanced pressure points.

SCN-PP Performance protection
SCN-PP lenses are tested under extreme circumstances and guarantee uncompromised protection against high-mass and high-velocity impacts. Our lightweight, durable and optically pure lens material withstand loads over 30 times higher than CR39 lenses and 60 times compared to mineral glass lenses.

No nonsense, straightforward protection when you need it - whether is in the blazing sun or winter's glare, these lenses are your everyday activity go-to. A specially designed multi-mirror coating treatment on the Scicon Sports SCN-PP™ lens range adapts perfectly to bright light conditions and is optically tuned in a wide range of colors offers unparalleled viewing comfort in any atmospheric situation that may arise for any athlete. Scicon Sport's SCN-PP™ lenses are made from unique polycarbonate materials giving the lenses an extraordinary ability to withstand high impact trauma, whilst being able to withstand loads of over 30 times higher than CR 39 Lenses and 60 times compared to mineral glass lenses. Specifically made for bright sunny light, we put extensive design and research emphasis on ensuring that our lenses provide the wearer with 100% protection from harmful UV A/B/C rays promoting overall eye-wellbeing. The polycarbonate with which the SCN-PP™ lenses are produced is the only material able to "block" all radiation with a wavelength below 380 nm. Other materials can perform the same function, but only after particular treatments. 

Rider comfort is as important as visual clarity and wellbeing, this is achieved by the lightweight characteristics of the polycarbonate (1.20 gr./cm3). Scicon Sport’s SCN-PP™ Lenses are offered in a range of colors based on the specific visual needs for various sporting activities.

SCN-PP™ Multi-Mirror

Scicon Sports SCN-PP™ Multi-Mirror coating is an ultra-thin metallic layer on the outside layer of the lens, which as the name suggests provides wearing with a mirrored effect not only visually but functionally too. Varying in the levels of mirror intensity from a glossy mirror to a more intense mirror. Based on the level of "mirror" multi mirrored lenses reflect the sun's glare away from the surface of the lens, reducing the amount of light that is entering the eyes when the glasses are worn and offering 100% UVA and UVB protection.

Anti scratch
SCN-PP™ lenses are made from a unique combination of polymer materials that offer a higher scratch-resistant surface than regular lens types.

Rider comfort is as important as visual clarity, this is achieved by the lightweight characteristics of the polymer (1.20 gr./cm3) used in creating our SCN-PP™ lenses.

Optical clarity
SCN-PP™ lenses have lower refraction index internal stress and chromatic dispersion (Abbe Number) than Polycarbonate resulting in higher definition and sharper image.

Hydrophobic + Oleophobic
Makes it nearly impossible for foreign bodies to latch on to lenses. It allows drops of water, grease, chemicals, dirt, to slip from the surface of the lenses. Facilitates easy cleaning.

High impact resistance
The unique polymer compound used in our lenses is extremely resistant, able to withstand loads of over 30 times higher than CR 39 Lenses, and 60 times compared to mineral glass lenses.

Chemical resistance
Unlike Polycarbonate and Polyamide, polymer SCN-PP lenses are not damaged by common chemicals or solvents such as acetone, methyl alcohol or gasoline.

Contrast control
SCN-PP™ lens is engineered to produce a specific spectral curve that optimizes transmittance across the entire light spectrum. Far more than a cosmetic characteristic, the color of an SCN-PP lens is a critical component that filters light at different wavelengths to enhance the visual experience of the wearer by controlling contrast, color and definition.

About Scicon
SCICON was founded in 1980 in a garage near Bassano del Grappa - Italy, the heart of the cycling industry, to solve the problem of how professional cyclists could travel with their bikes. The evolution over time has created a brand, which not only solves problems, but inspires adventure around the world.

With over forty years of activity, the greatest cyclists in the history of cycling have used a SCICON bag. Moser, Cipollini, Pantani, Indurain, Bettini, Boonen, Froome, Contador, Nibali, Sagan, to name just a few.

In 2011, the ASG Group became the main shareholder of SCICON, guaranteeing rapid, global expansion.

In 2019 Scicon Sports entered the world of sports eyewear and immediately became a point of reference for many cycling champions and enthusiasts.

In 2020, after less than a year, Scicon Sports glasses win the Tour de France with Tadej Pogacar, over 50 races and are used by three World Tour Teams. UAE Team Emirates, NTT Pro Cycling, Israel Cycling Academy. We are here to win and stay.

Today SCICONSPORTS exports to over 40 countries and operates branches in the USA (San Diego), South Africa (Pretoria), Australia (Melbourne). The Headquarter in Bassano del Grappa (Italy) includes a concept lab for the prototyping of bags, production of technical sportswear and an eyewear assembly department.

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